Good Karma, Bad Karma - The Truth Behind Karma

KARMA Karma is a word of Indian origins and it translates roughly in English as ‘action’. This simply means that karma is a way of describing the ‘reaction’ that occurs after a particular ‘action’. All actions have consequences, some immediate, some delayed, others in future incarnations, according to Eastern beliefs. Thus individuals bear responsibility for all their actions and cannot escape the consequences, although bad actions can be expiated by good ones. Action is not homogeneous, but on the contrary contains three elements: the thought, which conceives the action; the will, which finds the means of accomplishment; and the union...

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Top 5 Meditation Ideas and Tips

"If you want to conquer the anxiety of life,live in the moment, live in the breath" - Amit Ray Meditation can do wonders for anyone who is surrounded by worries, anxieties. We are burdened by stress and anxiety from our daily life, work and that makes it really important for us to have a time where we refresh our mind. Meditation can be a healthy way to refresh our minds and help us get focused on our purpose helping us see the bigger picture. Just accept and appreciate the present Moment. 1.Focus on what you are grateful for: Lot of...

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Top 5 Gift Ideas for 2017 Festival Season

The Festival Season is around the corner and you better prepare for it now. As time passes it will be hard to get the things you really want to gift. Why? Because more and more people will be trying to buy them. Also you might have to stand in lines for longer times or if you order online there will be long shipping times as all the Shipping Companies will be busy with crazy amounts of orders. The best tip we can give you to prepare for the Upcoming Festival Season is to start now. The time is now to start buying those...

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